Research Associate modRNA Therapeutics 522

Company Name:
MedTeam Staffing
This is a contract job opportunity
Position: Research Associate modRNA Therapeutics 522
Location: Cheshire CT
Projected duration: 5 months
Job code: 522
Must haves:
Western blotting and qPCR. ELISA development, validation, and data analysisexpertise for multiple matrices including cell and tissue lysate, blood andurine.
Protein extraction and quantification, RNA and DNA extraction. Cellculture, including passaging, freezing down, and performing cellulartransfections and other cell-based assays.
Nice to haves:
Enzymaticactivity assays using cellular or tissue lysates; experience with HPLC, LC-MS/MS,or amino acid analysis; cellular imaging using immunofluorescence; confocal microscopy experience.
Past experience with handling primary cells (rodent and human) as well as induced pluriopotent stem cells (iPSCs).
6 - 9 Years of Experience
BS or MS in Biology or a related field

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